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Example 1

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The Medicines Company employs several hundred sales representatives and product support staff who are frequently required to meet with clients away from the office environment.


The brief


  • Design media library for iPad
  • Must index and make available for download several thousand files, video and presentations used across all areas of business
  • Should notify users when new materials have been added and when older materials have been updated



Chapter 01



With dozens of teams spread throughout the US, one key consideration was that training or instruction on a new piece of software would be limited.  With this in mind the system needed to be as intuitive and easy to
use as possible.



Considering the information architecture was perhaps the most important aspect of planning.  There were ~1,200 files archived centrally and another 10-20 pieces of content either being updated or added each week, additionally we knew that a typical user would require 20-30 files downloaded and held natively at

any given time


We decided upon an intuitive 3 button navigation system:


  • My files - acting as home page this section held the files the user had downloaded and used on a
    regular basis.
  • New content - an area curated by the area manager showing new files and file updates relevant to
    their team.
  • Full library - a searchable index of all files made available for download.




Top level







Content is sorted into 3 or more tiers,  the top level contains folders relating to each company product, as well as any media relating to The Medicines Company generally ie. not product specific.  In this case "M" stands for Minocin - an antibiotic sold by
The Medicines Company.


The second tier contains product specific materials as well as folders containing materials grouped together.


The third and subsequent tiers contain media grouped in further subcategories determined by subject matter, for example 'all media relevant to an upcoming
conference or show'.




A search feature was also included, users could toggle their search quiery between "full library" and "My files" (remote files and local files).


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